key advantages

The potent chemotherapeutic agents currently used in the treatment of lung cancer cause considerable destruction to normal cells, severe adverse reactions, and unpleasant side effects. This has called for a more effective method towards direct targeting of tumors with anti-cancer drugs. .

With properties not available from either molecular or macroscopic agents, Hong Kong Yuanhua Biotechnology Targeted Nano-Particle Drug Delivery system can deliver these agents selectively direct to the cancer cells, resulting in:

•  Lower Effective Dosage
•  Fewer Unpleasant Side Effects
•  Less likelihood of cancer cells developing resistance to the drug therapy resulting in better long-term treatment options

By using the unique properties of Graphene oxide nano-particles, anti-cancer agents can concentrate on a cancer cell resulting in extremely high efficacy. Moreover, when this enhanced efficacy is accompanied by reduced uptake of anti-cancer agents by healthy cells, toxicity to normal cells is diminished, minimizing ongoing chemotherapy treatment and the often severe side effects it causes.

Hong Kong Yuanhua Biotechnologywill use its breakthrough nanoparticle technology to develop a family of cell-selective, targeted drug delivery systems for the treatment of metastatic cancers and welcomes collaboration and partnering opportunities from biopharma enterprises seeking to integrate or combine their drug delivery system or platform with our advanced nano-scale technology.

At Hong Kong Yuanhua Biotechnology, our culture is animated by passion, innovation, and the courage to change the lives of the patients who look to us for better treatments in their pursuit of a fuller, healthier life.