our facilities

Hong Kong Yuanhua Biotechnology research and development laboratory is located in Pudong District, China, and is manned by a team of medical bio-scientists, biochemical engineers, clinical technicians, and specialist R&D staff, each with extensive experience in nano and biotechnology. Working as a team, they research, develop, and advance nanoscale drug delivery technologies for use in our targeted drug delivery platform.

The combination of our biological expertise and state-of-the-art analytical and testing equipment allows us to carry out all our scientific research and product trialing in-house, in virtually any area of molecular bioscience, including;

•  Molecular Biology
•  Cell Biology and Analysis (including stem cells)
•  Biological Containment Facilities
•  Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Our research laboratory nurtures entrepreneurship and discovery and positions Hong Kong Yuanhua Biotechnology as a leader in the field of targeted drug delivery technologies.